Is it Disbelief, or Just Fatalism?

I’ll bet you’ve encountered them like I have. Folks who, for whatever reason, are just plain not “buying in” to the whole “eco/green” thing.

There used to be way more than there are now, and that’s encouraging. But so many people still refuse to believe in the whole environmental movement. If they acknowledge climate change at all, they aren't convinced human activity is the cause of it. “It's just natural cycles,” they say.

And as far as energy goes, how disheartening is it to hear “Drill, Baby, Drill” from people who would aspire to lead our country? Like T. Boone says, this not only “misses the point,” it steers us in the wrong direction, given the consequences that lie ahead on that path.

It’s also so frustrating to watch all the folks putting recyclable items, especially water bottles, in the trash, both at home and at work. If we can recycle them, why wouldn’t we? I’m not sure if it’s disbelief that we can fix our environmental problems, or simply thinking that things have gone so far that there’s just no hope of fixing it now.

Either way, we eco-crusaders have a lot more work to do. Thankfully, there are millions more of us than there were, and many are using their celebrity or visibility to convince those still not on board to come along.

But what do we regular folks do to get things turned around and going the right direction? How do we stop the water bottles from going into the recycle bin instead of the trash?

I think it’s going to happen (and is already happening) when others see us setting the example by “walking the talk.” Making it obvious, through our actions, that it’s important to us to recycle instead of throwing away – and verbalizing it with our friends, family and everybody else. Not like some wild-eyed fanatic, more like a trendsetter – a leader.

We need to be leaders. We’ve studied the map, you and I, and we know the direction we all need to go to get ourselves out of this mess – and there’s no time to lose. So whether it’s disbelief, or fatalism, or just plain indifference, we need to set up and be leaders for those who haven’t yet found the way. I am excited about the future, and delighted and very proud to be participating in this crusade with you.

Are You an Eco-Crusader?

I’d like to announce the start of this blog to accompany the release of my new album for Eco-Crusaders. It’s called The Last Frontier.

You and I know there are millions of people all over the world who care about the Earth and are doing things everyday to help our planet; our numbers are growing everyday. I’ve written and recorded these songs for them, for you, and for all of us with a passion for saving the planet.

I’ve also established a partnership with the environmental and humanitarian group AZAFADY, and am donating $3.00 from every sale of his new album directly to this London-based group’s tree planting program called Project Hazo. This project is helping to plant desperately needed trees in southeastern Madagascar. This donation amount makes it possible for everyone who purchases a cd to actually fund the planting of a tree.

AZAFADY employs over 70 local staff at its project headquarters in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, where they are working for the environment through tree-planting and a range of conservation initiatives. I selected AZAFADY for several reasons. Madagascar is probably the hottest of Earth’s environmental hotspots, and AZAFADY is a hands-on organization. It’s obvious their efforts are making a real difference in one of the planet’s most unique and important places.

The album is available now in cd or download format by visiting Please visit AZAFADY’s website at for more details about their work in Madagascar.

Thanks for taking the moment to read this, and for all you do for our planet.